Our Story begins in Burlingame, California around 1965. From the start, our goal has always been simple.  Impress the public with the most amazing pizza and burgers, by using high quality meats and the freshest ingredients available.  Sure enough, the response amongst the locals was immediate!  The crispy crunch to our pizza instantly became our signature dish, while our mouthwatering cheeseburgers served on a toasted french roll were reported to be amongst the best in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Though our draw was our menu, we quickly became a gathering place for many familiar faces.. families, friends, teams, and groups of all kinds.  So be it, the ever fitting name Village Host Pizza & Grill was born.

Almost 50 years later, Village Host Pizza & Grill has become a favorite to numerous townships beyond just our Burlingame location.  While our focus has always been on our product, we attribute our neighbors for inspiring our warm family-oriented atmosphere.   Our “Friends” Tab on this website is a testament to those who have made Village Host what it is today.

Our pledge to you is our product.  Always fresh and always with the highest quality ingredients. There is simply no other way we would host our family and yours.