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What makes our pizza so popular?
For starters, we use a dough comprised of a unique blend of herbs and spices that is rolled fresh each day. On our pizza, our tomato sauce is comprised of a unique blend of herbs and spices that has withstood over 50 years of success, 100% whole milk mozzarella, freshly cut vegetables, and high quality meats (..we dare you to try our pepperoni!). What really makes our pizza stand out is our cooking style. No other pizza has such generous toppings that can still withstand the perfect crunch our pizza provides. We would host our friends and family no other way.

Do you have anything besides Pizza?
Believe it or not, we are locally known for our burgers just as well as we are for our pizza. Our pizza chips are a fun appetizer treat that combines garlic and a variety of cheeses with our crispy dough. We always have a full salad bar available in addition to soups, pasta, and other select menu items.

I am a vegetarian, and want to taste something that will knock my socks off, what would you suggest?
Hands down, a Vegetarian Sandwich. Melted cheese over fresh cut vegetables with mayo on a grilled San Francisco sourdough roll.

What types of sauce are available?
Village Host offer offers three different kinds of pizza sauce — traditional marinara sauce, creamy pesto sauce, garlicky butter spread.

What sizes of pizza are available?
Village Host pizza comes in three different sizes: 8" small (serves 1), 12" medium (serves 1–2), 16" large (serves 2–3).

How many slices in your sizes?
As many as you like!

How late do you deliver?
It will vary per restaurant, but generally we deliver until 9pm. Please check with each store for current delivery times.

What are your store hours?
They vary slighlty per store. Please check our store page for more information.

Can I order online?
Unfortunately, online ordering is not yet available. But check back soon, as we hope to have it available shortly.

Can I call in my order ahead of time?
Yes, you can. Find your store location and call ahead.

Are their opportunities available for those looking to manage a store?
The Village Host is always looking for passionate people to open an op. Click Here for more information.

How do I inquire a store regarding employment Opportunities?
Please contact the Manager on site at the store you are interested in joining. Otherwise, feel free to contact us via our contact page.

How can I feature my school or sports team on
We are always open for fun opportunities to promote your successes, please contact for more information.

Does Village Host offer fundraising programs?
Yes. Village Host offers a variety of fundraising options for organizations and groups like schools, churches, sports teams, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops, disaster victims and much more. Simply contact your local Village Host store manager today to discuss the many fundraising opportunities we offer.

Can I special order sizes for Village Host apparel?
contact us via our contact page

How do I get my picture up on the Village Host Pizza Friends page?
View this page for more information.