Every pie has a personality. There are ‘Fast’ pies, that can be delivered in flash, but lack the taste you were looking for.  Some ‘Fancy’ pies offer fancy toppings, yet lack the robust flavor and crispy crunch that pizza is known for. Some ‘Hefty’ pies focus on an abundance of toppings, yet miss on the sauce and crust they sit on…  and some pies are from Village Host Pizza.

365 days a year we mix and roll fresh dough from scratch.  Our bold marinara sauce is from an age old recipe that requires a unique blend of herbs and spices.  The quality meats we choose are specifically selected, based on taste, from a variety of vendors.  We only consider high quality produce to grace the items on our menu. We insist on 100% whole milk mozzarella.  In our cooking style, you will find a golden crispy crunch that can withstand the generous toppings we provide.

We have been in business for nearly 50 years because we focus on providing the best all around pizza in existence.  We may not be the fastest or fanciest.  We can only guarantee that your taste buds will appreciate your decision.